Powerful Analytics in Pharmaceutical Marketing

Wouldn't life be simpler if you could predict the results of your pharmaceutical sales and marketing investments? If you knew precisely how to deliver stronger growth for your brand?

Good news – you can!

Our market-leading 94.8 Analytics identify the drivers of prescribing and their impact on your brand’s share and growth, enabling you to make optimal allocation and trade-off decisions.

At Eularis we’re always looking for ways to improve pharma sales and marketing effectiveness, revenue and profit.

Welcome to Eularis, home to some of the most accurate pharmaceutical marketing analysis in the world today

“This was simply the most comprehensive and insightful report on e-detailing available. It helped us enormously.”
-Head of Global E-Marketing, Bayer Schering AG

94.8 in Japan

Are you challenged with accelerating growth in Japan?

We have completed numerous projects in Japan in the past 5 years in both primary and secondary care and understand the complexities of this marketplace. 94.8 Analytics presents depth and granularity for Japan’s marketplace, and we even have our Portal in Japanese to assist your teams in Japan fully.

We also have an office in Tokyo to support your team on the ground.