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7 Ways to Leverage AI for Stronger Pharma Marketing Results

Pharmaceutical marketers are starting tentatively to utilize AI in their sales and marketing activities which is a big improvement on 5 years ago. At that time, we were utilizing AI with some clients and I would ask others how they saw AI as having a role in their work and the response was usually ‘It doesn’t, does it?’. It does. There are so many applications of AI in pharma and every project we do unveils new and interesting applications of AI to enhance our pharma client results. Here are a few examples.
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What Will 2018 Hold for Pharma?

With 2017 in our rearview mirror, thoughts now turn to 2018 and what lies ahead. Here are some possibilities for 2018.
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Predictive Physician Targeting: Are You Missing Out on Valuable Prescriptions?

on Dec 12, 2017 4:08:39 AM By | Dr. Andrée Bates | 0 Comments | Marketing Insights Advanced Analytics Business Analytics Big Data
A recent project we did in predictive physician targeting, and discussions with several others, has made me realize how many companies are still relying on historical information to make physician targeting decisions. Up till now, the client had physicians in the call plan that are believed to be valuable, and historically they have been valuable. But the market is not about yesterday, it is about tomorrow. We are fortunate today that the data available allows us to make more precise predictions about tomorrow using AI.
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Are You Measuring Real Results of Your Digital Marketing or Are You Being Deceived by Bots?

on Dec 4, 2017 9:11:30 AM By | Dr. Andrée Bates | 0 Comments | Marketing Insights Business Analytics Digital Marketing
Measurement of results of what we do is something we would always do. But what are you measuring? At Eularis, when we undertake an analytics project to solve a problem to drive Rx, we measure the increase in Rx and profits. However, even today we see pharma measuring visitors and other types of softer measures with their digital efforts.
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Driving Pharma Value with Digital Transformation

The area with the most venture capital in start-ups is AI powered digital health. Pharma companies also are investing a lot in these areas but are clearly finding it difficult to keep up with all the changes. On the one hand we see numerous pharma companies aiming at digital transformation, and then we see those same companies using outdated technologies or un-strategic piecemeal approaches.
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The Difference Between Data Visualization and Data Analytics - and Why It Matters

Pharma companies collect data from a wide variety of sources to use by many departments. But the goal is the same for all: to make better decisions. Both data visualization and data analytics help companies do this. But they are not the same thing. It is important that teams understand the differences between data visualization and data analytics because although they work together very nicely, one without the other makes it significantly more difficult to attain strong results.
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Is Your Segmentation Approach Actually Costing You Sales?

How to get better results by knowing your physicians’ “Jobs to Be Done” Recently a lot of our Artificial Intelligence (AI) work in both launch planning and dynamic segmentation is centered around the ‘Jobs to Be Done’ approach. This idea takes the Harvard Business School Jobs to be done approach and applies it to drugs. So we are looking at the physicians ‘Job to Be Done’ for different patients.
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New Approaches to Create a Fail-Proof Launch

The odds are not in your favor. According to a McKinsey & Company report, two-thirds of drug brands today fail to meet sales expectations for their first year on the market. Even companies with a strong heritage of success aren’t immune. You’ll see drugs from Sanofi and AstraZeneca among the many brands that have suffered the humility of a place on top 10 launch disaster lists.
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Why Your Customer Data Could Be Giving You Poorer Sales Results

Around 6% of annual revenue is being lost through poor quality data, according to new research released recently. All sales and marketing teams are attempting to provide their customers with the right content, in the right channel at the right time for that individual, in a compliant way. However, at the same time, regulations are getting tighter, and physician access is reducing. It is possible to achieve nirvana with big data and AI, but in order to do this, good data is critical.
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Reinventing Customer Segmentation - How AI Is Changing the Game

In recent years, our target audience changed from just doctors and patients to also include payers, pharmacists, physician assistants, nurse prescribers, patient associations and more. Despite these differences,  pharma marketers are still segmenting customers the same way they have for decades.
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