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Applications of AI in Rare Disease

Every year more companies enter the rare disease space due to heavy competition in the larger disease area and a faster path to market due to smaller trial sizes needed and greater precision medicine treatments of the conditions in smaller targeted populations. Rare disease is classified as being a rare disease when it affects fewer than in 1 in 2000. Although over 7000 rare diseases have been identified, for the majority of these, no treatment is available. Many of these are from childhood and persist throughout the life of the patient (whether that life is short, or long).
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Boosting results using AI for multi-channel resource allocation

Traditionally pharma sales reps selling to physicians was the largest slice of the sales and marketing pie but this has been shifting to a more integrated multi-channel approach. The challenge for many pharma marketers however, has been the constant addition of more and more channels to the pie, but not an addition of budget. So how should I marketer decide on where and how much to spend their allocations across the channels without wasting any of their budget and spending the right amount where it needs to be?
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Can You Find Your Patients? Using AI for Faster Patient Identification and Treatment

Artificial Intelligence is a valuable tool to aid pharma in both finding where their patients are (which physician) and aiding the physician in faster diagnosis if the condition is one that is more difficult to diagnose.
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How AI Is Changing the Pharma Sales Force Model

Pharma sales reps historically have faced numerous challenges. Access is difficult with a recent survey showing that 49% of physicians placing moderate to severe access restrictions (up from 45% in 2013)[1]. This access situation continues to get worse due to factors such as physicians simply having less time, physicians being part of a larger integrated healthcare group, the Affordable Care act shifting away from a fee for service to a value/outcomes model, the implementation of the Sunshine act, and physician convenience.
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Are Alexa and Siri the Future of Data Analytics in Pharma Marketing?

Pharma marketers have access to more data than ever before. Big data can bring together patient registry data, social media data, claims data, sensor data, CRM data and a wide array of other big data sets. And technology has advanced to be able to sort through this vast information.
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Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Patient Adherence Results and Patient Outcomes

Pharmaceutical companies spend a significant percentage of their marketing budgets to capture initial market share. Since the majority of spend goes towards attracting new customer, efforts at retaining existing customers are given short shrift, with a paltry percent of budgets focused on these. By focusing mostly on new customers, companies are missing a valuable opportunity to increase sales and market share.
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Predictive messaging, Big data & Artificial Intelligence: how to personalize multi-channel pharma marketing

People make decisions quickly online. They are bombarded with content and messages and so if your message is not right for them at that point in time, the journey you are aiming to lead them on will not be started. The marketer has numerous channels to utilize for their various messages but each customer will need different focus from the messages, and different channels to go through in a different sequence to be most engaged and get to believe in and become loyal to your brand faster.
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KOL Identification and Mapping: Can Big Data and AI Confer Stronger Results Than Traditional Approaches? Finding Those Who Matter Using Artificial Intelligence

Key Opinion Leader Mapping is an integral part of pharmaceutical marketing. Despite pharma being the most knowledgeable about their products, a respected third party physician is often a preferred source of information for other physicians as it seems more independent. The success of many drugs is dependent on the views of the key opinion leaders in their therapy area. So pharmaceutical companies all invest a lot of time in ensuring that they map all the thought leaders in their therapy space. 
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Is Your Launch Planned for Success?

on Feb 11, 2018 4:37:28 AM By | Dr. Andrée Bates | 0 Comments | Marketing Insights Pre-Launch Planning Launch Success
Launch teams understandably have concerns when the launch happens and these concerns are not unfounded given the number of launch failures in recent years. Nearly half all pharmaceutical launches underperform the expectations set internally and by industry analysts. Even meticulously planned launches are failing, but if it is failing, teams that turn this around are prepared to quickly change direction and reprioritize based on results. When planning your next launch, here are a few things to keep in mind.
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Cancer Blood Test Using AI Improves Detection in Early Stage Cancer

on Feb 2, 2018 4:43:02 AM By | Dr. Andrée Bates | 0 Comments | Marketing Insights Advanced Analytics Clinical Trials
The CancerSEEK liquid biopsy (bloodtest) detects small amounts of DNA and proteins released into the blood stream from cancer cells to then indicate the presence of different types of cancer including ovarian, liver, stomach, pancreatic, oesophageal, bowel, lung or breast. It can be used even prior to any signs of cancer for early detection. It uses AI for prediction and reliably detects early stage cancer. The study was published in Science, and the research was led by a team from John Hopkins University, with collaboration from Australian scientists at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.
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