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How AI Makes Sense of Social Media in Pharma Marketing

Posted by Dr. Andrée Bates | Mar 9, 2017 7:34:23 AM

The challenge facing a Pharma marketer is to make sense of the available data and to use it for decision-making. But the sheer amount of information available is overwhelming. In a single minute of real-time on the internet, there are:

  • 701,389 logins on Facebook

  • 150 million emails sent

  • 527,760 photos shared on Snapchat

  • 347,222 tweets on Twitter

  • 28,194 new posts to Instagram

  • 1.04 million Vine loops

  • 2.4 million search queries on Google

  • 2.78 million video views on YouTube

  • 20.8 million messages on WhatsApp

That’s a lot of data coming in every minute! As you know, many early social media listening tools give insight into things like numbers of retweet’s, likes, and whether the conversation around your brand is positive or negative. However, without context, this can leave you with more questions than answers.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) analyzes the wealth of Big Data you have at your fingertips and delivers insights you can use to make powerful data- driven decisions.

Many Pharma marketers mistakenly think AI is only for R & D in Pharma when, in fact, it has powerful implications for marketing. It makes the right message/right channel/right person/right time possible. Some interesting new technologies now also allow AI to analyze cross-platform marketing initiatives, e.g. from the television to a mobile devices.

Natural Language Processing

AI has made inroads into our daily lives through a technique known as natural language processing (NLP.) You’re familiar with this through Apple’s Siri. Siri understands questions and can come up with the correct answer whereas in the past you would have typed your search terms which would be combined with Boolean search terms and it may not have come up with the result you wanted. NLP aims to get rid of programming languages like C, Ruby or Java, and replace it with natural language in which the computer can interact with a human easily. With some NLP applications, you can identify trends and patterns in the hundreds of millions of social media messages to help you make real data-driven decisions.

NLP Helps You:

  • discover who are real influencers

  • predict future influencers

  • know what it is about your brand/s that is hindering uptake

  • perceive threats to your brand

  • gain insight into your competitors

  • improve brand perception and engagement

  • understand what caused any spikes in traffic and predict what you need to do if there is a potential problem brewing

  • know who may be thinking of moving to a competitor

  • what content your customers are more engaged with (and by combining this with your other data, you can also strengthen the details on who should get what content to move them up the adoption curve)

  • view emerging trends

Essentially, we are now using NLP to turn the internet into one large market research platform 24/7. Using NLP properly will enable marketers to generate real insights that have the power to transform their results and gain a competitive advantage.

As Pharma marketers, you want to make strategic marketing decisions. You want to spot trends and potential problems before they become an irreversible issue, and create customers who rave about your product. AI can help you do that.

At Eularis, we help you harness the power of AI to make strategic marketing decisions from online social media data.

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Social Media

Written by Dr. Andrée Bates