We Help Pharma Marketers Gain Growth From Their Big Data

Combine our artificial intelligence technologies with your big data and strategic goals. We use advanced pharma marketing analytics to transform your pharma brand performance.

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We Integrate AI with Your Strategy Turning Your Big Data into Profits

We don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” solutions. We analyze your organization to find the most effective ways to transform sales and profit per your needs.

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We Are The AI Pioneers In Pharma Marketing Analytics

Since 2003 we have provided cutting edge AI and analytics solutions for pharma leaders such as Merck, Novo Nordisk, Shire Pharmaceuticals and many others.

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Eularis Transforms Pharma Companies' Big Data into Actionable Insights Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Amazon’s recommendation engine, AirBNB’s pricing engine, and Uber’s foray into driverless cars are all examples of AI in action. While the pharmaceutical industry has been slower to adopt AI technologies, this is starting to change. Industry leaders see the opportunities advanced AI algorithms offer such as using Big Data to find new patients and engage customers.  Actionable insights help you transform your organization.

Why Eularis?

We’ve been developing and refining AI analytics for the pharma industry since 2003. Pioneers in the industry, we’ve delivered more pharma AI projects than any other provider and our interventions consistently drive sales and profitability.  In fact, our clients have seen growth of between 29%-195% on established brands. 

We offer custom solutions which means every project is different. However, we usually work with our clients in the following key arenas:


Go-to-Market Planning


Brand / Company Growth


AI Advisory Consultancy


AI Training for Pharma and Healthcare 


We help you achieve true customer-centricity and accelerate your growth

Personalized medicine is here. Eularis helps you achieve personalized customer engagement and strategic business growth using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Advanced pharmaceutical analytics helps you make data-driven decisions.
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Pharma Strategy Integration

Eularis integrates the AI with the pharma brand or company strategy. This customization is missing in most big data analytics offerings.


Data  Architecture & Engineering

We capture and integrate all data types to drive superior customer experiences and accelerated financial results.

Data Analytics

Eularis has a team of data scientists with expertise in all types of artificial intelligence. We’re the only AI company with our level of pharma experience.

Data Visualization

We create charts and graphs that enable people to easily interact, understand, make better decisions.

Eularis Driving Client Value with Real World Results

AI and advanced analytics help you predict the future. You’ll have insight when you’re at risk for losing a customer, or know how to create patient centric messages through their preferred channels. 


Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to Transform Sales & Revenue

Pharmaceutical marketing executives can best use the power of AI if they view it as a tool to help plan and implement a strategic vision.

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AI-Powered Sales Tool Delivers 43% Growth

Sales team gained insight on which physicians would switch away from their brand and how to retain them with bespoke messages.

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Our Process Makes It Easy to Get Started

Strategic planning and data discovery are a first and important step in bridging the gap between a big data Artificial Intelligence powered future vision and execution.

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A Few Eularis Clients include Merck, Novo Nordisk, and many other well-known brands.

Eularis works with innovative sales, marketing and analytics teams at top pharma companies who understand the importance of building real customer relationships while delivering real business results. They’re leaders in their fields, and we are privileged to call them our clients.


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