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We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Every brand is different. To get the best results for your pharma marketing, we create a custom solution based on your needs and data.

Case Studies

To get a flavor of the types of projects we have done, and their results, please read our case studies.


Predicting Brand Share From Social Media

Marketing needed to link social media listening platform data, next actions and financial impact on the brand results.

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AI-Powered Sales Tool Delivers 43% Growth

Sales team gained insight on which physicians would switch away from their brand and how to retain them.Read More


Digital Transformation Results in Extra $4.55Bn

Data integrated and AI algorithms applied for leading brands and countries resulted in significant incremental growth.

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White Papers

Eularis releases white papers on topic relevant to our client's needs. Contact us if you would like to submit a white paper topic.


Switching Your Marketing Off AutoPilot to Fly With Velocity

Replace your product-centric  with customer-centric marketing using big data and Artificial Intelligence analytics to deliver accurate business results.

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Using Artificial Intelligence, Transform Sales and Revenue

Pharmaceutical executives can best use the power of Artificial Intelligence if they view it as a tool to help plan and implement a strategic vision.

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The Key Steps in Becoming a Data-Driven Pharma Company

What can your company do to become a data-driven pharma company? Here are some steps to consider when embarking upon the journey.

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Eularis staff routinely write columns and thought-leadership articles for other publications including EyeforPharma and PharmaPhorum.


Are You Getting the Most from the New  Customer Journey?

Adopt an engagement centred approach.

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Will Physicians Become Obsolete?

Will that target market soon become obsolete in the choice of medication and other services?

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The Future of the Pharma and Automotive Industries

They are more similar than you may think.

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of launch drugs we have worked on have become top brands within 1 year


Artificial Intelligence powered unique pharma brand engagements


growth achieved by the established brands we have worked on with AI


years in pharma analytics

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Applications of AI in Rare Disease

Every year more companies enter the rare disease space due to heavy competition in the larger disease area and a faster path to market due to smaller trial sizes needed and greater precision medicine

Boosting results using AI for multi-channel resource allocation

Traditionally pharma sales reps selling to physicians was the largest slice of the sales and marketing pie but this has been shifting to a more integrated multi-channel approach. The challenge for

Can You Find Your Patients? Using AI for Faster Patient Identification and Treatment

Artificial Intelligence is a valuable tool to aid pharma in both finding where their patients are (which physician) and aiding the physician in faster diagnosis if the condition is one that is more


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