Advanced Analytics for Pharma Marketing Efficiency and Growth

We transform your organization by weaving AI into your strategic vision. In fact, many of our clients have experienced 29-195% growth.

All Our Services Start With Strategic Analysis

Our initial strategic planning dives deep into your business goals to create the right advanced analytics tools that will improve your clinical trial results, marketing efficiencies, your customer engagement,  your sales force effectiveness and your real world results.

Go-to-Market Planning

Those first 6 months are crucial. Improve your odds of success with our artificial intelligence analytics to accurately assess your opportunities.


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Brand/Company Growth

Our clients have experienced 29-195% growth. Improved sales force effectiveness and laser targeted marketing efficiencies  mean more profit.


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AI Advisory Consultancy

 With extensive experience in AI in Pharma, Eularis provide support in the early stages of any planning for use of AI in, or for, your company.


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AI Training for Pharma

Eularis offer a wide range of training courses for AI in pharma designed to give you the skills and strategic edge needed for your  teams. 


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Advanced Analytics Become Actionable Insights

Our advanced analytics turn your information into actionable insights. We build a customized roadmap to help you achieve customer-centricity and accelerate your growth through advanced pharma analytics.

How It Works

We start with a strategic roadmap planning and data discovery and a one day workshop. This is an essential step in bridging the gap between a big data Artificial Intelligence powered future vision and value and execution.

This planning process can be repeated at the start of later phases of your journey to data-driven customer-centricity – either to confirm the initial roadmap or to adjust. It’s important to incorporate both lessons learned from the implementation, as well as new evolutions in your competitive landscape or organizational context.

The roadmap presents a proven path towards realizing the vision of data-driven customer-centricity. We capture and guide your business goals during and after the implementation of data integration and support you in creating a superior customer experience.

At the end of the Roadmap Planning process, the following objectives will be achieved:

  • Awareness about the readiness of the organization to embark on a data-driven customer-centre transformation
  • Understanding of big data and AI as it relates to your challenges
  • Clarity about how an AI project is conducted, and steps involved
  • Knowledge about to apply it to your specific challenges
  • How other pharma have applied it to similar challenges
  • Prioritization, with your  team input, of various options to solve immediate business challenges, and feasibility and costs
  • Clarity about the feasibility of the plan given your current data
  • A strong pilot plan to show results and maximum business value
  • Confidence about the chosen path to and its sequencing
  • Alignment and enthusiasm across the organization on the solution and its' impact
  • Buy-in and support from a wider group aof key stakeholders across the organization
  • Understanding of the CSFs to capitalize on the investment.

Strategy Integration

We integrate the AI with your strategy for a customized solution that meets your goals. Most Big Data Analytics companies just offer an “off the shelf” program.

Big Data Engineering

Our highly-experienced data experts have PhD's and M. Engineering and can access, manage and blend data from any source.

Big Data Analytics

Eularis has a team of data scientists (all PhD's) with expertise in all types of artificial intelligence. We’re the only AI company with 14 years of pharma experience.

Big Data  Visualization

We create charts and graphs that enable pharma marketers to easily interact, understand, and make better data-driven decisions.

Our 3 Step Process

Eularis Helps You Use Your Data Strategically

At its core, big data refers to the sheer volume of data that floods a business on any given day. It can refer to transactional data – invoices and deliveries for example, social data – tweets/posts, machine data such as sensors on a FitBit.

Smart computer algorithms can process this data and deliver actionable insights that pharma marketers can use to inform their pre-launch marketing, customer segmentation, sales force effectiveness, beyond the pill strategies and a myriad of other applications.

Early adopters who harness the power of big data and advanced analytics will have a tremendous advantage since this is the sales and marketing operating model of the future.

Eularis uniquely understands Pharma strategy, big data, and artificial intelligence because we’ve provided advanced analytics services to Pharma marketers since 2003.

We know how to fit the pieces together to deliver a comprehensive strategy that powerfully accelerates and delivers data-driven results for your organization. We will help you identify how to solve your most complex challenges by utilizing the power of big data and AI to identify solutions and design strategies that enable you to accelerate your growth.


Step 1: Discovery and Planning

Understand the objectives. We start by taking a thorough brief from you on your market, products, competitors, key stakeholders, strategic challenges and objectives and priorities. We then work with you to evaluate your data, and map this onto your objectives and priorities to create your AI analytics roadmap.

Step 2: Implementation

Create the right infrastructure. We help fill data gaps and process and integrate all data, set up the IT infrastructure and ensure all security is highest possible. Then we create the optimal AI techniques for the data combinations to ensure the objectives are met, and then create the visualization layer for easy interpretation. However, if you don’t require a full implementation, and would like our assistance with part of a project, we can also help.  Partial project assistance could include things such as:

  • Assessment of technologies currently on the market to help you choose the optimal technologies for your project
  • Custom algorithm development for part of a project
  • Short analytic projects to support your internal data science team when they do not have the time
  • Custom tech stack planning to create the optimal tech stack architecture
  • Assisting in creating your proprietary APIs
  • Team assistance in which we act as a team resource

Step 3: Insights and Results

Insights and automation delivered. We deliver insights to support key decision making around your strategy and tactics aligned with your sales and marketing objectives. We work with your internal teams to enable actionable use of the systems, without any heavy lifting from our client teams, and deliver reliable real world results for the company.

Discover how AI can deliver growth for you.


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