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“Powerful stuff. In my 20 years of marketing I have never seen such valuable data on my drug brands.” - Specialist Team Leader, Pfizer

Wouldn’t you like to know why your product or portfolio isn’t performing as it should? Or which drivers are going to make your next launch a success?

We listen to your challenges then get the right data to get a true picture of what is going on. Having gathered the right data, we analyze it using our proven, proprietary artificial intelligence machine learning algorithms. Then we present it to you in a selection of web-based, easy to use interactive charts and reports that you can act on right away.

You can access and interrogate all data via our secure online portal.

Within the Brand Performance Accelerator, choose from modules 1 to 3. In addition to these we can deliver a step-by-step action plan that tells you exactly what to do and when based on your unique data and situation.

This client increased global sales by 37% through better market segmentation. Click here to find out more.


Module 01

Appraise: Your brand. Using our artificial intelligence machine learning analytics platform, uncover the real market drivers for your brand and see how much they are contributing to your market share. See what is hindering your growth and what you need to do to change your results.

Module 02

Assess: Competitor data. Using our artificial intelligence machine learning analytics platform, find out how you measure up to your competitors on those drivers. Compare your performance against your competitors on any and all products in your category. If your competitors are doing better, we find out why. Plus we tell you what actions will give you higher sales and profits.

Module 03

Analyze: Marketing allocation. Using our artificial intelligence machine learning analytics platform, predict the market share impact of reallocating your sales and marketing budget. Find out how much market share you’ll get from spending more or less - from changing your messaging allocations to your sales force and marketing channel allocations. Optimize your sales and marketing budgets by reallocating spending in line with our analysis for stronger results.

See the image of our Budget Allocation Tool that is now run by our new machine learning algorithms for very strong accuracy. As seen, it is very, very easy to use. Talk to us to understand more.


Add a detailed implementation roadmap

All modules include recommendations. If you are pressed for time and need more, such as a detailed step-by-step implementation roadmap of how to apply them, let us take care of it for you, and show you exactly what steps to take based on the results of our analysis.


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